First update

I’ve now been using Habit routines for about ten days to try it out – and so far so good, I must say. I started with two routines – a morning routine and an evening routine, each consisting of a single habit. It’s all about getting myself a regular sleep schedule.

To track my progress, I created a page for it in my Bullet Journal.


As you can see by the row of X’s, getting up on time (06:30, even on weekends) hasn’t been a problem. My streak is now up to 11 X’s, so if I can manage another nine without fail, I get to add another habit to my morning routine.

So, how has my evening routine fared? Well, not quite as successfully, but not too bad either.


I had an early failure on May 24th (the zero in the photo), because there was a really interesting movie on TV that I couldn’t tear myself away from. So I broke my streak after just two successes. Oh well. Then on May 26th and 31st, I didn’t go to be on time for reasons outside of my control. If you’ve read Habit routines, you may remember that those occasions don’t count as a failure – hence the dashes on those days. Since the dashes don’t count as a streak break, my streak on this habit now stands at five (counting all the X’s after the failure on the 24th).

So, now the whole page looks like this at the moment:


I’ve left some space between my morning and evening routines, in case I decide to add an after work routine here before I run out of paper and have to go to a new page.

We’ll see how this project turns out down the line, but so far it feels like it could work even in the long run. If this has piqued your interest, feel free to read the Habit routines page and follow along with your own habit routines, and post a comment about your progress!

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