On the importance of your habit tracker

Evern since my vacation, my habit routines have suffered. I’ve been following the morning one, but the other ones – not so much. A lot of evenings I’ve simply forgotten all about it. This has made me realize just how important it is to remember to update your habit tracker, as outlined in Habit routines, ever time you’ve run through a routine. It serves as a powerful reminder about the upcoming ones.

2 thoughts on “On the importance of your habit tracker

  1. Hi Christer, “I see you”.

    I went multiple times through building habits, started failing occasionally and eventually failed completely multiple times… So what you’re writing about speaks to me. Thank you for putting your effort in writing it down and publishing it.

    Recently I started to feel, that lack of habits have more and more negative effects on my personal as same as professional life. Although knowing, that build habits and stick with them is way out of it I was discouraged to even start because of my previous failures…

    I like and applied the Seinfeld method of simply keeping track on the calendar and “Don’t break the chain”. However, I wasn’t able to stick with it for longterm multiple times. I didn’t occur to me why it’s wearing off and why I’m failing until recently when I gave a try to Habitica. I wasn’t closing the loop for building habit! The loop is cue>routine>REWARD and the reward is what I was missing, simply putting X on the calendar wasn’t reward on its own for me… Habitica gamifies your habits, you get rewarded with “gold” and “experience points” when you finish your daily habits, planned tasks, and you lose “health” when you fail and all of that has an effect on your avatar. Exactly like in your life! I got hooked with it within first day just by tracking my habit of hydrating, + experience points and gold for finishing a glass of water, – health for having a cup of coffee. Man I knew, that drinking like 5 cups of coffee a day is not good, but I wasn’t strong enough to limit it. Now when I’m tracking it and seeing how I’m losing health I’m somehow forced to compensate it by gaining experience in a faster pace to get to higher level and heal before losing all health! It’s an addictive way of tracking habits. Highly recommend to give it a shot.



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    1. Thank you very much for your comment! (It was initially trapped by the spam filter and I didn’t notice that until now, sorry…)

      I’ve used Habitica as well, a few years ago. I remember using it for quite a long time, and I’m not quite sure why I stopped. Perhaps I should give it another go?


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