About the author

Christer3My name is Christer Enfors, and I sometimes describe myself as a professional programming nerd, and amateur martial arts nerd.

Software development

By day, I’m a software developer currently focusing on building Big Data solutions and chatbots. I’ve worked with Linux since 1995 (I started with a Slackware distro with Linux version 1.2.1), and Python has been my main programming language since about 2006. I’ve also worked with AMOS, Arexx, Assembler (MOS 6510 and Motorola 680X0), Basic, C, C++, Delphi, Elisp, FPL, Lisp, LPC, Perl, PHP, Shell scripts (ksh, sh and bash), Tcl/Tk, and Transact-SQL. I enjoy working on various open source projects, and in the last few years I’ve added most of my current work to my GitHub account.

Martial arts

Photo by my wife.

When it comes to martial arts, I’ve scurried from one practice hall to the next, like some sort of martial arts slut with a bizarre kink for weird white clothes. I’ve practiced judo, fencing, jiu jitsu (Durevall), aikido, kyokushin karate, and I’m currently focusing on Shorinji Kempo where I feel like I’ve finally found my home in the martial arts world. Since 2013, I’m the chairman of my local club.






Where to find me

  • Medium.com: I crosspost a lot of my articles to Medium.
  • Mastodon (open source Twitter replacement): My new-found home on the social web.
  • twitter.com/enfors: I’ve been on Twitter since 2007, but I don’t use it much anymore.
  • facebook.com/enfors: What can I say? I don’t like Facebook, but it’s sometimes useful.
And then there’s this cheery lot. They might seem cute to the untrained eye, but the fact of the matter is that they’re all a bunch of bastards. Especially Doug.